Puppy Training

Congratulations if you have just become the owner of a new puppy!

I am sure, that having taken care to choose a puppy that suits your lifestyle; you will want him or her to develop into a sociable, confident pleasurable companion as an adult and our puppy training programme is designed to achieve exactly that! 

It is recognized by Canine Psychologists that an adult dog’s character is formed by its genetic behavioral strengths combined with its life experiences, particularly those experiences encountered during the first sixteen weeks from birth. It is for this reason and because of my experience in training dogs from puppy through to adult, that I adopt a very pro active approach to puppy training. Using the experience gained in breeding and training puppies for police work, I have designed a training programme that will provide your puppy with positive learning experiences from the moment you take ownership of him. 

The puppy training programme consists of two elements that are intrinsically linked and designed to ensure that your puppy can develop with confidence and with total respect and responsiveness to you, his owner. 

The first of these elements is environmental exposure to everyday objects and situations. This may seem like a simple process - and it is, - if it is done correctly. As such this programme will provide you with advice on how you should interact and communicate with your puppy when he is exposed to new stimuli so that undesirable behavior is not encouraged. For example, if your actions and response towards the puppy that is startled by noisy traffic inadvertently reinforce a fear response then you could imprint in him a permanent fear response to traffic. In other situations reinforced fear responses could lead to a dog that displays fear aggression tendencies as an adult. By following my advice help and guidance these pitfalls and many others will be avoided. (I will advise as to how this aspect of training can commence at 8 weeks of age whilst respecting veterinary advice regarding puppy confinement during the vaccination period)  

The second element to the puppy training programme is puppy obedience training. By exploiting your puppy’s natural instincts to chase hunt and retrieve I will show you how to achieve the foundations of the recall exercise with an 8 week old puppy. This is probably the most important exercise that every dog should learn and once your puppy has been conditioned to respond instantly to your command “come” then the training of all other exercises that follow will be easier to achieve. I will also provide you with advice and guidance on how to achieve a healthy lifelong relationship with your puppy through dog/human communication, interaction and lifestyle strategies.