Professional Dog Training Services for the Security Industry

  • Business Profile 

GDM provides a comprehensive dog training service for Companies Operating Security Patrol Dog and Specialist Search Dog Teams. In addition to providing one to one training for private clients, GDM has also provided Dog Training for the UK Border Agency.

  • Training Ethics

All training undertaken by GDM is conducted humanely using the principles of positive and negative reinforcement. Only approved training equipment is utilised during the training process. 

All courses provided by GDM are designed so that handlers exit the course with a recognised handler qualification and a trained dog. GDM does not offer courses for a handler qualification only. (However, handlers that successfully demonstrate competency on assessment with a dog that untypically does not meet assessment criteria under examination will still be able to achieve a handler qualification)

Training is also structured so that you not only leave my course as a competent dog handler, but also as one with a thorough understanding of canine learning theory and basic psychology. This element of learning and achievement will allow you to dynamically identify and understand behaviours exhibited by your dog and to implement a training strategy to modify any problems should they occur in the future.

  • Accommodation, Kenneling and Training Facilities

GDM has reserved kenneling facilities and access to a range of training venues all within close proximity to our training centre in Kent which incorporates a secure all weather ménage. Training sites include live industrial premises, halls of residence, enclosed parkland, commercial vehicle yards and private airfields. GDM is licensed to hold, transport and use live training aids for the purpose of training both drugs and explosives search dogs. If required, GDM can arrange modern furnished accommodation complete with catering and leisure facilities within two miles of our training centre.