Pet Owners Testimonials

Lesley and Oscar

I am the owner of a six year old male Doberman named Oscar. I ensured that Oscar was socialized as a puppy so I thought I had done everything right. He is a gentle giant in the home, but as he became an adult Oscar would have a complete character change when he was outdoors, pulling on the lead, being very aggressive towards other dogs and I was unable to control him.  I was at my wits end when I contacted George and when we met for our training session George spent time to explain to me the basic psychology behind dog behavior and how dogs learn. He showed me simple techniques on how to walk Oscar to heel and how to control him before and when we met one of his 'enemies' - that unsuspecting dog that was out for a quiet walk. I must admit that George’s approach was so calm and casual and the techniques he showed me were so simple that I really didn't think that they would work but I was consistent with Oscar and it has worked. Because of this I can take Oscar for a walk knowing that there will be no dog aggression problems and going for a walk is now a pleasure and not a chore. 

Lesley W Walmer, Kent 

Pauline and Paddy

I first met George when I joined his puppy training class in 2002. I found George to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all the training provided. Apart from explaining in detail what we were training and why, he made training fun for the dogs and us puppy trainers too.

We were a group of young and not so young and I found George made time for all of us.  I do believe George has a passion for ensuring that dogs and their owners enjoy their time together.

Pauline Q Dover, Kent

Jayne and Anna

I first met George when I took Anna our Belgian Malinois puppy to one of his training sessions. George took his time to explain exactly how we should approach training her and why. It was obvious that George knew how to get the correct behaviour out of her and he was able to explain why the she reacted the way she did and how we could and should channel her natural instincts. When things weren’t going to plan, George would demonstrate the training techniques to us and within seconds of him holding the lead Anna would do exactly what he wanted her to and from thereon we had confidence to follow his method. He is very calm and professional - a proper dog whisperer! 

Highly recommended as a dog trainer. 

Jayne D Deal, Kent


I have known George for approximately 10 years and since I commenced ‘puppy walking’ for the Police. George’s knowledge and enthusiasm makes training enjoyable and it helped me to enjoy learning more about dogs and understanding their behaviour and body-language.  The training supplied by George was clearly set out and if I needed to ask questions I received good information and support throughout. George demonstrates professionalism and has showed me lots of things to assist me in gaining confidence with larger dogs.

I would definitely recommend him as a trainer..

Teresa R Elvington Nr Dover 

Colin and Purdy

We first met George when we got our G.S.D pup and joined George’s puppy class. We went along a bit nervous at first not knowing what George or the other puppy owners would be like (cowards that we are!) WOW what a class! Everyone was so friendly, and George made every one welcome. Each week we would come out more kna**ered (the humans not the puppies) but happy, and I am sure that Purdy knew what day it was as she used to get so excited to be going training. Where George gets his enthusiasm and energy from god alone knows, but he was the same every week. We would recommend his classes to everyone; he is so kind and understanding with all the dogs and their owners.
With our very best wishes
Teresa, Colin, Jade and “The Pack” Hawkinge Nr Folkestone, Kent

Liz, Duncan and Harry

My husband and I rang George to see if he could help us with our 5 month old Cocker Spaniel, Harry. Harry is your usual Cocker, pulling and jumping up at everyone and every dog he meets out, in a happy bubble of his own. He could not be trusted off the lead so his energy outweighed the amount of exercise we could give him because he was always on the lead. We booked George for 2 hours and the change in our approach to Harry and the resulting behaviour by our dog has been wonderful. George taught us how to recall effectively so Harry is now off the lead for a lot of his outings. The recall works beautifully and since George’s visit we have not had a ‘mishap’ yet. Dog and owner are now enjoying their walking time to the full whereas before we were finding the walks very stressful. Harry still needs a firm hand to stop the pulling but we are working on that and he also needs a firm hand with the jumping up but it is now so much better. We must thank George for his help and would recommend any lively dog owner to seek his help if they are struggling with the task. We realise that it is very much training for the owner not just the dog in question. Dog and owners are much more relaxed in this household now!’

Thank you George.