Passive Drugs Detection Handler

This course is designed to provide the learner with the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required to ensure the provision of a professional level of service as a Passive Drug Detection Dog Handler. It is an assessment of the handlers’ ability to read the indications given by a dog and to meet the required performance criteria. Learners whose final assessments are with a dog that successfully indicates the presence of a number of defined controlled drugs may apply for certification as Passive Drugs Detection Team.
For Whom Suitable:
This programme is suitable for S.I.A. Licensed Operatives Door Supervisors or Security Officers who wish to become Passive Drug Detection Dog Handlers. 
Course Duration:
A minimum of 100 Guided Learning hours. It is recommended that prospective students undertake a one day pre course training and selection process designed to measure current level of competency prior to committing to a course.
Programme Structure:
The programme is delivered as a combination of practical and theoretical tuition.

Prior Learning:          
All learners should hold an appropriate S.I.A. licence and should be trained and competent as a door supervisor (unless exempt).
Assessment will be carried out by an Approved NASDU Instructor/Trainer. The assessment will consist of practical exercises, by question and answer sessions and by a written examination.
Unit 01 (20 GLH)
Roles and Responsibilities of a Passive Drug Detection Dog Handler
Handler Qualities.    Dog Selection.   Current Legislation.          Types of Drugs (A, B, C)
Securing Evidence   Customer Care   Equality and Diversity      Drug Storage,
Use and Transport of Training Aids   Continuation Training and Records
Unit 02 (70 GLH)
Control a Passive Drug Detection Dog under Operational Conditions
Control of the Dog   Preparation prior to a Deployment   Effectively Indicate
Assist with an Arrest   Scanning of Persons,  Equipment  Progression Training
Customer Care
Unit 03 (10 GLH)
Maintain the Health, Well Being and Safety of a Passive Drug Detection Dog and Handler
Health & Well Being   Safety Requirements,  Emergency Procedures