One to One Consultation

Many dogs’ exhibit behavioural problems that can leave owners feeling frustrated embarrassed

and in some cases worried about the safety of their dog around people and other animals.

Typically, these behavioural problems include one or more of the following:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up at owners or visitors    
  • Running off and recall issues
  • Destructive behaviour in the home
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Aggression towards other dogs
  • Aggression towards people
  • Fear of people or other animals
  • Fear of traffic or other environmental stimuli

These behaviours are usually excessive in nature, many are exhibited in the home and almost all

are linked to the relationship between dog and owner. For these reasons I always address such

issues by way of private consultation in the owner’s home and prefer to deal in the following way.

  • I will visit your home and together we will discuss the details of the problem.
  • I will analyse all available information and identify the cause of the problem(s) you are

     experiencing, explaining to you why your dog is exhibiting his/her behaviours.

  • We will discuss and agree upon a training plan to modify your dog’s behaviour(s) and I

     will commence implementation of the plan with you, firstly by demonstrating the agreed

     techniques and strategies within the environment in which each behavioural issue exists

     and then by coaching you to achieve your training goals independently.

  • After consultation I provide free advice and guidance over the telephone at any time

     should you need to clarify understanding of the training plan, or if you are still

     experiencing behavioural problems with your dog.

Consultation History:

  • I have conducted over 400 1-2- 1 consultations over the past 8 years and in the majority

     of cases the behavioural issues experienced by owners have been overcome within one 2

     hour session.

  • In other cases, significant improvement in behaviour has been achieved within the 2 hour

     session, allowing owners to confidently continue with the training plan without further

     assistance from me.

  • In 8 years only two owners have found it necessary to call me back for further assistance

     with their dogs’ behavioural issues.


  • Home Consultation, demonstration of techniques plus coaching owners in implementing

     the training techniques:  £90.00 per two hour session.

  • Sessions that exceed 2 hours are charged pro rata but to date only one session has

     exceeded two hours duration.

  • N.B. All prices quoted are for clients living within a 10 mile radius of Deal, Kent. Upon

     request I will provide quotes for clients living outside of the stated area based on fuel

     costs and travelling time.