My Approach To Training

I have always taken the attitude that training should be a pleasurable learning experience for both dog and handler. As such, I exclude an approach that relies solely on the use of compulsive methods, preferring to channel the dogs’ natural drives and instincts to achieve the desired training outcomes by utilising the principles of positive and negative reinforcement.  

During all training I will constantly monitor the performance of you and your dog and I will always explain why an exercise is trained in a particular way for your particular dog, only progressing dogs and handlers/owners to the next stage of training according to their own learning pace.  

Training is also structured so that you not only leave my course as a competent dog handler, but also as one with a thorough understanding of canine learning theory and basic psychology. This element of learning and achievement will allow you to dynamically identify and understand behaviours exhibited by your dog and to implement a training strategy to modify any problems should they occur in the future.    

Whatever problems you may have with your dog and whatever your ambitions may be, I will do my
upmost to help you in achieving your goals.