General Purpose Patrol Dog Course


The HABC Level 2 National Award for General Purpose Security Dog Handlers aims to provide the learner with the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required to ensure the provision of a professional level of service as a General Purpose Security Dog Handler.

For Whom Suitable:

This programme would suit those with experience as Security Officers who wish to become General Purpose Security Dog Handlers. It would also be suitable for members of HM Armed Forces, Police or Prison Service who wish to take on a General Purpose Security Dog Handler role

Course Duration:

Training can be delivered over a number of weeks or as a continuous course and would be of sufficient duration to ensure competency, having a minimum of 50 guided learning hours (GLH’s). GLH’s are recorded hours of direct training given to an individual learner and not the duration of a course. Learners with an untrained dog should expect additional hours of training with the dog.

Programme Structure:

The programme is delivered as a combination of practical and theoretical tuition.

Prior Learning:

All learners should hold an appropriate S.I.A. licence (unless exempt) and should be trained and competent in a general Security Officer role


Assessment will be carried out by an Approved NASDU Trainer/Instructor; internal moderation shall be carried out by NASDU with external moderation carried out by EDI


Unit 01-• Roles and Responsibilities of a General Purpose Security Dog Handler (10 GLH)
o Handler Qualities    o Legislation   o Control Incidents   o Customer Services

Unit 02-• Controlling a General Purpose Security Dog under Operational Conditions (30 GLH)
o Control         o Patrol               o Access/Egress          o Arrest      o Incidents
o Search          o Handler Protection
Unit 03 - • Maintaining the Health, Well Being and Safety of a General Purpose Security Dog and Handler (10 GLH)o Health & Well Being   o Safety Requirements